3 Ways to Boost Employee Motivation

If your company’s productivity level is below average, you might want to evaluate the performance of your employees.

More likely, they may not be performing well. For all you know, they have been suffering from low morale.

Below, you’ll find ways on how to boost employee motivation.

1: Compensate Accordingly

Firstly, compensate accordingly. Evaluate what your employees are worth and pay them that amount. Money may not always be a motivator, but it’s definitely a de-motivator if your employees believe they are underpaid. If your employees hear that another company is offering people at least twice your proposed salary, you’re doomed.

So compensate them accordingly. In doing this, you need to be realistic. Determine how much they spend on basic necessities. At least, cover this and be willing to give them extra.

You could also distribute performance incentives, loyalty rewards, and occasional bonuses. If they see you value them, they will value you, as well as their work, too.

2: Say NO to Micromanagement

Additionally, don’t be that employer who gives out too many – and maybe unnecessary – instructions. Sure, you may be the boss, but you should differentiate that from opportunities of bossing people around.

So quit micromanaging. Just delegate a task to your employees and allow them to do it on their own.

For one thing, micromanaging your employees can be irritating to them. This sends them a message that they’re incompetent and untrustworthy. If you keep breathing down their necks while they work, they will feel pressured to do the work for the mere sake of it. Rather than wanting to find ways to give their best shot, they’ll just wait for you to tell them what to do.

For another, micromanaging your employees can be stressful to you. Instead of shouldering all the company’s problem, let your employees help out.

3: Improve the Appearance of Workstations

And you should consider improving the appearance of their workstations. Amp up their stations by installing aesthetically pleasing signs, getting new desks, and repairing any defective corners. If they like their environment, they’ll have a great reason to go to work and excel.

You should also think about buying new office chairs. Look for one that is extremely adjustable and features live back technology. To get started, you may visit Office Chairs Only.


On top of it all, don’t forget to treat your employees with respect – and make sure they treat each other with respect, too. Fostering a harmonious working environment can definitely motivate your employees. Start by setting a good example.