Choosing the Perfect Commuter Bicycle

Commuting to work is the best way to enjoy multiple health and economic benefits. You reduce the traveling costs and get to exercise your body as well. It is also a new experience that helps you relax and overcome some challenges. However, before you start this commute, you need to have the right bike ideal for the purpose. Here are some of the best tips for choosing the perfect commuter bike.

How Far?

If your workplace is 3 miles away or less, any bike can do, unless you stay somewhere that is hilly or steep. If you are fit, you can cover this distance in 15 minutes or less, meaning you won’t be in the saddle long enough to feel uncomfortable.

Double the distance and you need to ride for half an hour in the least. For such a distance, the comfort of the saddle and condition of the bike comes into play. Choose a bike that is designed for reliability and comfort with an upright sitting position and comfort tires. You can get such a bike at Cycling Plaza.

At nine miles things start becoming more serious. This translates into an hour and a half of daily riding. The bike for this distance ought to be reliable and comfortable and efficient.


These bikes come in different sizes. Make a choice depending on your height. The good news is that if the size is a bit bigger or smaller, you have the option of adjusting the reach, stand-over and the saddle height. However, make sure you get a bike with the minimum measurements for these dimensions.


It is advisable to buy a bike that comes with built-in storage options to eliminate the need of installing racks. Having the racks is ideal for expanding your storage options especially if you get to carry items to and from your place of work.


The gearing option you choose will depend on the riding style and preferences. If the road is flat, a single gear bike will do the task. If it is hilly, then multiple gears are all you need.

Saddle Up, We Are Commuting Today!

As the world changes and most people opt for the simple life, commuting on a bicycle has become appealing. Make sure you have the right bicycle for the task before you decide to commute to work. Having the right bike enables you to enjoy the process as you exercise your body.