Current Trends On Twitter Marketing

Every business is trying to stay ahead of their competitors in the market.  To see this, they have opted to use social media, specifically Twitter due to the advantages that come with its application. To ensure this, there have been trends that have been introduced on the platform to make marketing better. These trends when used efficiently enable a business to achieve more on their marketing efforts. Here are the trends to watch out for on Twitter.

    1. Use of hashtags

Twitter is among the sites that have made good use of this particular idea. Hashtags are meant to drive the traffic and discussions on a particular post. To take advantage of this, ensure that the hashtag is attractive and captivating enough to attract views and comments. They are known to sparkle conversations that spread far and wide thus increasing views on your posts.

    1. Automation of twitter

Maintaining an active profile and concentrating on the core functions is a hectic thing. However, this is solved by the introduction of Twitter automation. A variety of tools are put at your disposal where you can assign the process of making a post, replying and commenting them. The only task that you will have at the end of the set duration is checking reports and making necessary adjustments. Do not worry if you do not know where to get a good automation tool, just click here for all the good ones.

    1. Use of live streaming on twitter

There has been an introduction of a feature called periscope which facilitates live streaming. This feature allows for the making of live videos where your followers can watch a live advertisement. It is highly essential where the individual wants to offer detailed information on what they are offering up for sale. You are able to have a chance where you answer live to the audience. Live videos make the bond between you and the followers stronger hence chances of success in sales increase

    1. Introduction of curated lists

You might be desiring to up your game without the knowledge of the competitors. To ensure this, Twitter offers you a chance to make two lists, that is; a private and public list of your followers. On the private one, you work to drive traffic to the page by including key followers who enable this. Public list acts a platform where achievements are displayed. Whenever individuals are added to the private list, they feel motivated and work to your advantage. Competitors will only see your accomplishments but not know what facilitates the achievements.