Excellent Guide on Convincing Your Employees for Wearing ID Cards

Making your employees wear an Identification Card helps in maintaining professionalism and security in the organization. However, it’s quite sure that ID cards are not only beneficial to the employees but to employers as well, it might be not easy always to convince your staff for the same.

Emphasizing the benefits which such a policy provides, help employees in understanding why you want to incorporate this protocol in your organization.

Ways to Convince Your Employees for Wearing an ID card

  • Presentation of Staff

You need to explain your employees that an ID card is an easy way for identifying organization’s staff and is of special importance if your business has to interact with public quite often. Customers and clients can readily check that if someone belongs to staff or not.

Typically, ID cards have an employee’s title, name and photograph. If all employees wear akin uniforms, while performing different functions, an Id card can reduce the confusion in respect of the roles.

For instance, employees of a hospital may the wear same scrubs, thereby making it difficult for patients to determine whether an employee is a lab technician or a nurse. In such a case, ID cards can clearly mention the job titles and eliminate the confusion.

  • Security

Enlighten your staff that ID cards can help them in keeping safe while they are not at work. Security personnel can easily detect whether a person belongs to the organization or not.

Moreover, an ID card can easily track the movements of an employee within the building, thereby determining exact location of employee in event of an emergency such as fire etc.

  • Informing Them About Benefits

It’s imperial to tell employees about the benefits of Employee ID cards.  If your organization uses a time card system, ID cards of your employees can also serve as time cards.

Employees are just required to swipe their ID badges at the security checkpoint as they proceed towards their workstations each morning.

Moreover, you can tell them about the various discounts which they may avail at several facilities by showing their employee identification cards. Such discounts may include ticket discounts, restaurant discounts etc.

If you as a business firm don’t provide any discount coupons as such, you can tie up with renowned restaurants and movie theatres by mentioning them about the number of employees, who visit those places regularly.


If you follow above mentioned methods of convincing your employees, you can easily ensure a secured and safe environment in your organization.