Plate Carrier – The Wall Between You And A Speeding Bullet

A plate carrier is a type of clothing which acts as a shield or protective gear from bullet and knife attack. The carrier or body armor is made up of special materials such as fibers or plastic along with special and strong clothing materials. It is light in weight and acts as the best protective and tactical gear for a fighter or soldier. Anyone who is looking to buy a solid and strong carrier plate can buy it online through Plate Carrier Zone, which offers a variety of choices in armor plate.

The body carrier plate which you decide to opt for is based on the kind of threat one encounters. Suitable body armor should be proper in fit, light in weight and meets the needs of your mission.

Types of carrier Plate

Plates made up of steel– These are the oldest armor plates. They are not resistant to bullets and are not preferred by users these days.

Ceramic carrier plates– It is light in weight, offers greater protection than a steel carrier and is bullet resistant. The ceramic plate is designed in such a way which breaks at the point of contact with bullet which ensures protection from bullet my minimizing its impact.

SAPI plates – SAPI is the short name for Small Arms Protective Insert and it is also made up of ceramic material and is covered with special coating of resistant compound material. These plates are used widely because they come in light weight and different sizes from small to large.

Polyethylene Plates– They are made up of strong polyethylene plastic. These plates can negate the effect of rifles, Due to their repelling nature they protect against repeated rounds of attack by a rifle or any other gun which makes them highly effective and utilized.

Tips for choosing a suitable carrier plate

Safety – the most basic aspect while choosing a carrier plate should be security it provides. The one which is most resistive to attacks should be given preference.

Weight– Light in weight which should be easy to carry should be another main consideration.

Heating issues- a plate carrier should be such that it does not give much headache to you in summers and keep it cool for your body.

A plate carrier as a protective gear is one such piece of clothing which is present between you and a speeding bullet which can tear apart your chest or heart. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and take care of your carrier plate by regularly cleaning it and also ensuring its functionality.