Do You Really Need a Can Opener?

Why would you want to invest in a can opener? After all, a spoon is enough to break through your can’s lid! Well, that’s a valid argument right there, but in this day and age, who needs to use all that effort for a task as simple as opening a can?  The thing is, a can opener is fast becoming a must-have kitchen tool and here are the reasons.

You Can Pop Open That Can in Seconds

Let’s think about opening a can manually for a minute. It is tedious, isn’t it? A spoon, for instance, is blunt, which translates to more effort. Okay, you may use a pocket or kitchen knife, but even those aren’t any better. A can opener, on the other hand, makes everything a breeze. By extension, it saves you energy and unnecessary stress on your hands.

No Risk of Injury

Imagine opening a can of spaghetti sauce only to cut your finger on the lid. Of course, that hurts, not to mention that it may ruin your plans to make a tasty dinner. But, with a can opener as part of your cutlery, such an incident will never take place.

All you have to do is position the opener correctly, puncture the lid, twist the handle and cut through the metal – nice and easy! That said, if you’re looking for a can opener, has a wide selection of electric and manual openers to suit both domestic and commercial needs.

No Contamination

When you open your can manually, there’s every chance of contaminating what’s inside. Your pocket knife is certainly not one of the cleanest tools, and so is the spoon. As long as you clean and store your opener properly after every use, you can rest assured that it will always be safe to use.

Finer Results

At times you may not use everything in the can, so you’ll want to store the leftovers in the fridge. Thus, you will have to press back the lid into position, and that can’t happen if the cut was uneven. An opener guarantees a better cut, allowing you to cover the can with a near perfect seal.

Other than that, there’s virtually no mess with an opener. The operation is swift and fast, without spills. In simpler terms, your kitchen’s countertop will always remain clean irrespective of the number of cans that you open.  In conclusion, with all the benefits it has to offer, a can opener is indeed an integral part of a modern kitchen.