Take Care of Your Foosball Table – Enjoy Unmatched Fun

A foosball table is an exciting table-top game based on soccer. The inspiration of this game came about when a football enthusiast came up with a version of football that you can play right at home. The game consists of 8 rows of plastic or wood players, although you can get tables that hold more player rows. The aim is to use a set of horizontal bars to control the team and score more goals than the opponent. You have a team consisting of a goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and attackers.

These tables are more than just entertainment items; you can as well use them for ornamental purposes. The different sizes, colors and designs give you various options to choose from to compliment your decor. Older foosball tables are a darling to many collectors and foosball fanatics. Unfortunately, these objects are prone to wear and tear due to occasional use. They require maintenance to stay in top shape. Here is a guide on how you can deal with foosball maintenance.

Know How to Take It Apart

The first step involves taking apart the pieces that make up the playing field. This means you have to unscrew the metal rods that hold the players in place. Many have managed to take the rods from the table, but find a problem taking them back. Therefore, take a photo of the field before you remove the rods to have a reference later on.

Check for Damage

Use a bright light to check the moving pieces for any damage. Clean, and if necessary, repaint the foosball players, regardless of whether they are made of wood or plastic. The playing field and the ball might also require some paint job.

If the ball or one of the players is damaged beyond repair, make an order for a new one. Many shops sell replacement parts for foosball tables.

The Bottom

Pay undivided attention to the bottom and the legs of the table and check for damage. Tighten any wobbly or loose legs, or replace them if need be. The bottom might do with a little sanding or reinforcement.


After the maintenance, reassemble any parts that you took apart. You can now start enjoying the game once again.

Takeaway Tip

Foosball tables can last you several years if you take care of them the right way. However, with prolonged use the table might fail, which means you have to replace it. Start the replacement process by visiting foosball experts at http://www.foosballfanatics.com/ to get ideas of what you need.