Things you should know about electronic drum kit

These days, the computerized drum pack has turned into the apprentices’ first decision to learn upon. It is the ideal set for those who are just learning the basic of drumming because it doesn’t make much noise compared to the normal drum set.

For those who are serious and would love to be consistent with their training but have neighbors that are not understanding, the use of this set will help you rehearse without disturbing them.

Things you should know about your Drum Kit Digital

The stand

The stand of the electronic drum is the body where all other parts of the drum rest on. Generally, they are made of metal tubes that are associated together through metal or plastic joint.

Electronic drum comes in different size; the small and the big one. If you will be using this set for your personal training, then you can purchase the one with a small stand with small cymbals and drums.


These are the little wooden poles that are grasped with the two hands, and are utilized to hit most parts of the drum with the goal of making a beat.


I wonder how possible and convenient it is to play drum set without the stool.  It is the part of the drum set where the drummer will sit in other to beat the drum. Playing drums is better done in a sitting position because it requires the use of your legs to operate other parts of the set to generate a good sound.


The snare drum is frequently the initial segment of a drum kit a learner ought to attempt to get to holds with. This is the only small drum, which is positioned between the knees when you sit on the stool.

The broad flat parts of it is called the vellum, and it is the part you beat to give you great sound.

Below the snare are alloy cords which are clipped against the base and they shake whenever you hit the snare.

Bass Drum

This is the biggest drum among the set and it is also referred to as the kick drum. This is different from every other part of the set because you don’t use the stick on it. It works with a pedal, you will position the pedal very close to the drum and as you press the pedal with your leg, it will hit the drum and gives a very loud sound.


Above are some of the parts of an electronic drum kit with their usefulness and others not listed above is the Hi-hat, toms, crash & splash cymbals, floor tom, ride cymbal and they all work hand in hand to give you a good sound.