Understanding Trimmers And Edgers

Watering and mowing your lawn are not all you need to make your lawn look perfect. You may need to invest in extra tools to make it stand out from the rest. Trimmers and edgers add a polished look to your grass and prevent it from growing outside its boundaries. They clean up what the lawn mower misses through getting at grass areas that are hard to reach.

Most people confuse between trimmers and edgers. Edgers utilize a blade to make neat cuts along the driveway or any other flat surface while trimmers chop down weeds and grass in contoured areas around trees, structures, and raised ground. Trimmers spin horizontally while edgers spin vertically. An edger cannot be used to cut weeds but with a little more skill, a trimmer can be used as an edger by turning it sideways so that the cord spins vertically.

There are various types of trimmers to fit your lawn needs.

Electric Corded Trimmers
These are good for a small yard with thin grass. They are light in weight, easy to use and cost less. They are also quieter and require very little maintenance. While they run for a long time, the cord limits the job area.

Cordless Electric Trimmers
You need a cordless trimmer for a relatively large yard, however, it only has a limited runtime and you may need to charge it from time to time when handling a bush, weeds, or tall grass.

Two-Cycle Trimmers
These utilise a mix of engine oil and gasoline, thus offer more power. They are easy to start but need more maintenance in terms of a separate fuel container for the oil and gas.

Four-Cycle Trimmers
These are excellent for large or commercial trimming jobs. They do not require a mix of oil and gas and are fuel efficient. They are quieter than two-cycle trimmers and possess a dependable runtime.

Lawn Edgers may be electric or gas-powered. Electric edgers are powered using electricity and are convenient to use as compared to manual shears. Gas-powered edgers operate in a similar manner as the electric edger but are powered using gasoline. Their advantage is that they are cordless and so can cover a wide area. There are also push-type edgers that have rubber wheels for mobility.

Which one Should You Choose?

Having this in mind, the next question you are likely to ask yourself is what some nice options out there are. Each trimmer and edger type has its own pros and cons. What you select depends on your individual taste and preferences.